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How to Find a Good Tattoo Artist in Your City

Tattoos have become increasingly commonplace over the years. What was once an obscure practice has become popular and heavily sought-after. Most people know one or two people with tattoos, or they might be the one with the tattoo. Whatever the case may be, tattoos are now incredibly mainstream. For anyone wanting to get a tattoo, however, they must first find a tattoo artist. This can be tricky since there are a variety of considerations that must be taken into account when you’re looking for an artist to fulfill your tattoo vision. Tattoos are permanent, so you will want (and need) an artist you have complete trust and have confidence in. "If you live in the Charlotte, NC area, then this hurdle has already been taken care of for you - Black Hive Ink and Arts has the best tattoo artists in North Carolina, offering a high-quality tattoo experience. They are located in Fayetteville, NC which is just a short drive away. You can place your trust in them to produce the tattoo of your dreams.

What Makes a Good Tattoo Artist?

You’ve been searching all over the city for the perfect tattoo artist for you, but you aren’t really sure what you’re looking for. Of course, you’re going to want an artist whose style you find appealing, but there is so much more that goes into picking a tattoo artist than the art portion of it. There are a few ways to determine whether the tattoo artist you’re considering is the best tattoo artist in Charlotte, NC, or not. These factors include:

1. Work portfolios. Usually, most tattoo artists have some kind of portfolio online, in the tattoo parlor, or even on their social media, for you to peruse. Black Hive Ink and Arts, which has the best tattoo artists in Charlotte, NC, is one such tattoo parlor; it has online versions of its artists’ portfolios. While you look through the portfolio, you should be keeping an eye out for how the tattoo looks piece by piece rather than as a whole. Are the lines strong and solid (which is indicative of them being made in a single stroke)? Are the colors and shading consistent, blended, and smooth? Finally, does the style of the tattoo artist resonate with you? If so, then you have a solid tattoo artist lead!

2. Hygiene! You absolutely don’t want to get a tattoo at an unhygienic studio. Giving tattoos with poor hygienic standards can lead to blood poisoning, infections, and even Hepatitis A. You should also make sure that your tattoo artist wears gloves while they are working, that the artist’s area and tools are clean, and that needles aren’t being reused. A safe bet is to ensure your potential tattoo artist is certified by the state if they do, then you should be good to go!

3. Word of mouth. You can usually get good references from friends and family members who have gotten tattoos; after all, if they didn’t like their tattoo artist or how the finished tattoo looked, then they wouldn’t be recommending you to them. Word of mouth also includes online reviews; looking through these can give you good insights about whether you want this artist or not.

4. Awards. While not a necessity, having a tattoo artist that has won an award shows proof of their skill and artistry in the field since they are being recognized so publicly.

A good tattoo artist varies from person to person. The type of tattoos that a certain tattoo artist prefers may not be what you’re looking for, and thus this tattoo artist will not be the best one for you. You can also ask an artist for a recommendation of an artist that may be more suited for your needs. Black Hive Ink and Arts has been fortunate to be able to house a variety of artists with ranging artistic styles. Be thorough and choose the best tattoo artist in Charlotte, NC, carefully!

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