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Important Things to Consider When Looking for a Tattoo Artist

Getting the perfect tattoo starts with finding the ideal tattoo artist. Most studios have a lineup of artists ready to pump clients full of ink, but how should one go about choosing whom to trust their skin with? There are a few things to consider when searching for the best tattoo artist in Charlotte, NC.

The Studio

Before looking into an individual tattoo artist, you should check in on the studio they practice in first. The best tattoo artist in Charlotte, NC, is not going to hang around a studio with poor hygiene practices and a bad reputation. Visiting a shop in person can help you get an idea of the environment and overall cleanliness.


Before booking a tattoo, you should have an idea of what style you’re looking for if you hope to find a compatible artist. Color or no color? Realism or New School? The best tattoo artist in Charlotte, NC, will have spent years building their portfolio, working with a diversity of customers, and producing art in different styles. Most studios provide online portfolios of each tattoo artist so clients can see for themselves what an artist is about before booking an appointment.


Anyone who has searched around for information on tattoos has likely heard the phrase: you get what you pay for. You hear this so often because, generally, it rings true. Remember: a tattoo is a permanent piece of art the wearer will carry with them for the rest of their life. When looking for the best tattoo artist in Charlotte, NC, it is important for future clients to understand that good work comes with a price tag. Low hourly rates can be enticing, but for high-quality work, expect a higher price point.

Talk to Artists

There is no need to be shy; the best tattoo artist in Charlotte, NC, will be as invested in your tattoo as you are. A good artist takes pride in their work and wants anyone who sits in their chair to leave, staring at their new piece in awe. Calling into a studio and sharing what you’re looking for can help you get paired up with the best artist for the job. Having a clear idea of what you want to be done will help the artist plan for your piece and make suggestions regarding placement and style.

Ask Around

One of the best sources of reference for an artist is their clientele. Before pairing up with an artist, you should poke around and see what others who sat in the chair before you have to say. The best tattoo artist in Charlotte, NC, will have a solid track record and plenty of happy customers with great ink. Online reviews are easily accessible and a great resource for any prospective client.

All right, so you have an idea, you found the studio, and you’ve hand-selected your dream artist. When you call in to book your spot, be aware that the best tattoo artist in Charlotte, NC, might be in high demand. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get in for a consultation right away. As they say, good things take time, and great tattoos take time, patience, and maybe a little bit of pain tolerance.

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