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All You Need to Know About Portrait Tattoos

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The adage, ‘you get what you pay for,’ doesn't just apply to fast food or clothing. It also applies to tattoos. No matter how much money you want to save, portrait tattoos should be thought of as an investment — the smallest mistake can ruin the entire piece. When done incorrectly, por-trait tattoos go from a potentially beautiful tribute to your childhood hero, beloved parents or family member, or pets to embarrassing regrets and internet jokes. So how can you avoid a disaster of portrait tattoos in Fayetteville? Here are the top three things you need to know about portrait tattoos and finding the perfect artist for the job.

1. Never Book A Tattoo without Seeing the Artist’s Portfolio

A tattoo artist’s portfolio is crucial in determining whether or not they are capable of tattooing portraits. Never, ever book a tattoo appointment until you have thoroughly reviewed multiple artists’ portfolios. Make sure it contains more than one example of portrait tattoos. If they do not have any examples of portrait tattoos, then they are not the right artist for you, and you need to continue your search. Pay close attention to pictures of healed tattoos and important details like the proportions of the face - ask yourself, is this the way a real person or animal would look? Take your time when looking through a portfolio, and don’t feel rushed to decide on the spot. If you like what you see, then set up a consultation to discuss what you want before scheduling an appointment for your portrait tattoo in Fayetteville.

2. Your Tattoo Will Only be as Good As Your References

Before you even book your tattoo appointment, you need to ensure that the resources you have available for your tattoo are high-quality. Even the best portrait tattoo artist in Fayetteville can’t make magic out of grainy, low-resolution photos, so be sure you are providing your artist with enough information to get the job done right. Ideally, your photos should be bigger than the size of the tattoo, and you should have as many angles of the person’s face as possible. Do not show an artist a photo on your phone or computer — print them out before the consulta-tion, not after.

3. Not all Tattoo Artists Specialize in the Same Style

From traditional to sailor jerry, Japanese to blackwork, not every tattoo artist specializes in the same style. This is very important to remember when searching for an artist to design your por-trait tattoo in Fayetteville. Some tattoo artists only work with black ink while others only work in color — some artists even have signature color palettes. You need to find a tattoo artist who is experienced in the specific style of portrait tattoos that you want. This might mean you have to travel or that you need to wait for a few months (or even years) for a spot to become available. But it is worth it.

4. Always remember to Tip

Your artist put in a lot of work to create the perfect portrait tattoo in Fayetteville for you, so don’t forget to leave a tip!

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