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Considering a Portrait Tattoo? Top Four Things to Ask Your Tattoo Artist

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Portrait tattoos can be some of the most beautiful and impressive tattoos out there – when done well. Before committing to a face being inked on your skin forever, there are four main questions you and your artist should discuss. Communicating with your artist and getting on the same page before the needle hits is crucial for coming out with a piece you love. There are many examples of amazing portrait tattoos in Fayetteville and skilled artists ready to help you immortalize a loved one or a beloved pop icon, but it all starts with asking the right questions.

1. Can I see your portfolio?

A good portrait tattoo demands an artist experienced in the style. If not already available online through the studio website or social media, ask your artist for samples of previous portrait work. Experience in portrait tattoos can be the difference between the love of your life looking fine on your arm, and a stranger with a weird nose inked onto your bicep. There are many artists working on portrait tattoos in Fayetteville, so look around and find the best fit for what you want. It’s not rude to ask to see an artist’s work before getting inked. How else will you know if their style is what you are after?

2. How big is big enough?

Sometimes size is everything. To get that perfect rendition, you should ask your artist for sizing recommendations. Tattoo artists working with portrait tattoos in Fayetteville will know just how big you need to go for a sharp finish and don’t be surprised if the dimensions start to climb higher than you expected. After all, you are going to need some room to fit in detail.

3. What about color?

Color can vary in portrait tattoos. While some pieces lend themselves to a splash or a complete fill of color, others are much better suited to a classic black and gray fashion. You will find a variety of styles amongst portrait tattoos in Fayetteville. Ask your artist what they think during your consultation. They will have a good idea of what the best coloring for your piece is and will steer you in the right direction.

4. Where should it go?

You have your artist, you’ve selected the design, you’ve picked your coloring, now where to put it? The placement of your portrait tattoo can make or break the piece. You may have a spot in mind that in reality is not ideal for a portrait tattoo. Think large, open, smooth areas of skin your artist can really work with. Any tattoo artist specializing in portrait tattoos in Fayetteville will have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t, so don’t be afraid to rely on your artist for navigating tattoo placement.

With these four questions prepared, you are ready to meet with an artist. There are many talented tattoo artists working on portrait tattoos in Fayetteville; you just need to find the right one for you. Any portrait piece relies not only on a great artist but also on good source material. Don’t forget to come ready with a high-quality picture for your artist to work with!

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